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Welcome to the GeoVerity website at We are grateful to every visitor who takes the time to learn about our services and commitments. We a responsible company that not only adheres to U.S. and international data protection laws, but our own values-driven policies with respect to data use, privacy, anonymity, and deletion. 


When you use our website, personal data is collected about you. This can be done by you entering the data yourself – such as your mail address. However, our system also collects data from you automatically, such as your visit to our website. This occurs regardless of the device or software with which you use our website.

Any entry of data by you on our website is voluntary, there are no disadvantages to you for not disclosing your data. Without certain data, however, it is not possible for us to provide services or conclude contracts.

Inventory data

We collect inventory data insofar as it is necessary for the establishment, content or modification of a contractual relationship (also free of charge) between us and the user. This may include: Customer data (e.g. name, address), contact data (e.g. e-mail address, telephone number), performance data (e.g. ordered service, term, fee). When establishing the user relationship, we will request this data from you (e.g. name, address and e-mail address) and also inform you of the extent to which the information is required in each case in order to establish the user relationship.

Usage data

Furthermore, we collect usage data to enable the user’s use of the services on our website. This may include: Usage data (e.g. web pages or areas accessed, duration of visit, interest in services), content data (e.g. data entered or uploaded by you, texts, images, sounds, videos), metadata (e.g. identity of your device, location, IP address).

We will only aggregate usage data if and to the extent necessary for billing purposes. Otherwise, we will only create usage data pseudonymously and only if you have not objected to this. You can send this objection at any time to the address given in the imprint or to the responsible person named in this privacy policy.

Server Data

Our server provider stores information each time you use this website, the so-called server log files, which are automatically transmitted by your browser. Data are:

  • Your IP address
  • Type and version of your browser
  • Host name
  • Time of visit
  • The website from which you visited our website
  • Name of the website you visited
  • Exact time of the call and
  • The amount of data transferred

These data are only used for statistical purposes and does not allow us to identify you as a user.

Initial contact through electronic inquiry

If you contact us electronically (e.g. e-mail, fax, telephone, messenger, etc.), we store and process the data you have provided us with (e.g. name, contact information, content of the inquiry). The legal basis for this is our legitimate interest in effective customer communication.
We will only pass on this data to third parties insofar as it is necessary for the fulfillment of processes you authorize.

You can request information about the purpose of processing, origin and, if applicable, recipients of your personal data from us free of charge at any time. Furthermore, you can assert the correction, the deletion and the restriction of the processing of your personal data. You may object to the (further) processing of your data at any time and have a right to data portability as well as a right to lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority.

In principle, your data will only be stored for as long as required by the purpose of the respective data processing. Further storage is mainly considered if this is still necessary for legal prosecution or for legitimate interests or if there is a legal obligation to still store the data (e.g. tax retention periods, statute of limitations).


Where we ask for your consent to process your data, we will inform you in clear and accessible language about the cases for which you give your consent. Any consent we ask for is voluntary, any benefit you wish to obtain by giving consent can be obtained without the consent, just ask us.

For any consent, you have the right to revoke any consent given to us to process your personal data at any time. This can be done by an informal message, for example, via our contact form, an e-mail to the e-mail address given in the imprint or an unsubscribe link (if offered by us). Your revocation does not affect the lawfulness of the data processing carried out up to that point.

Storage period

In principle, your data will only be stored for as long as the purpose of the respective data processing requires. Further storage is mainly considered if this is still necessary for legal prosecution by us or for our other legitimate interests.

For your inventory data that was required for the fulfillment of a contractual relationship (also free of charge), this means that we store it until the complete fulfillment or termination of the contractual relationship plus the limitation period (which is generally 2 or 3 years) plus an appropriate surcharge for any interruption of the limitation period.

For your usage data collected on the occasion of your use of the website, this means that we will only store it for as long as this is still necessary for the proper functioning of our website and our legitimate interest is sufficient. In the first instance, we will only store statistical data in pseudonymized form.

In addition, we still store your data insofar as we are legally obligated to do so. These are in particular the tax retention periods, which are generally 6 or even 10 years depending on the country.


Our website uses cookies and, where applicable, technologies with similar objectives such as pixels, web beacons or tags as part of our legitimate interest in a technically flawless online offering and its economically efficient design and optimization pursuant to applicable laws. Cookies are text files that are stored on your computer and store certain data about your user behavior. Cookies can be “session cookies” that are automatically deleted at the end of your visit to our website. However, there are also persistent cookies that are stored on your computer for a certain period of time unless you delete them. Then it is possible for us to recognize your browser the next time you visit our website and to provide you with functions or offers according to your previous usage. When you enter our website, we inform you about the types of cookies we use and give you the option to agree or not to individual types of cookies. We do not load non-essential cookies until you have consented to their use by type. For more information about the services we use that use cookies or technologies of a similar purpose, please see this Privacy Policy.

Disclosure of data

Sharing data to third parties

We do not like spam any more than you do. We will therefore not pass your data to third parties unless this is permitted by law..

Rights of users

You can request information from us at any time and free of charge about the personal data we have stored about you. In this case, identification of your person is required to prevent misuse.
Deletion, correction, restriction

You can request from us at any time correction (also by addition) of incorrect data as well as a restriction of their processing or also the deletion of your data. This applies in particular if the purpose of processing has expired, a required consent has been revoked and no other legal basis exists or our data processing is unlawful. We will then immediately correct, block or even delete your personal data within the legal framework.

Data transmission

You can request us to transfer the data stored about you in machine-readable form.

Changes to the data protection declaration

If a change to the data protection declaration is ever necessary for legal or factual reasons, we will update this page accordingly. In doing so, no changes will be made to the consents given by the user.

Data input


When you enter data on our website, whether on a contact form, on the occasion of registration, logging in or for payment purposes, the website on which you enter the data is encrypted. This prevents third parties from reading what data you enter. You can recognize the encryption by the lock symbol in your browser and by the fact that the address line begins with “https” instead of just “http”.

Contact form

General contact form

If you fill out a contact form or send us an e-mail or other electronic message, your data will be stored for processing the request, possible follow-up questions or related questions and used only in the context of the request.

The input of your data is encrypted, so that third parties cannot read your data during the input even if they have access to the network (e.g. in unprotected public W-LANs).

The basis for this storage is our legitimate interest in communication with interested users according to relevant law.

Your data will remain stored as long as it is required for the processing of the request, in particular the storage is still necessary for the fulfillment/processing of the contract, for legal prosecution by us or for our other legitimate interests or we are required by law to retain your data (e.g. within the framework of tax retention periods).

Social Media

Social Media Links

General information

We refer with links to our offered social media presences. Unlike social media plugins, links do not lead to the social media platform finding out about your visit when you call up our site. However, like any link, they will lead to your data being processed by the social media platform at the latest when you click on the link. The social media platform will usually save cookies on your device or even save your usage behavior to your account, especially if you are logged in yourself. The social media platform can use your data to analyze your user behavior and use it for (interest-based) advertising. This may result in advertising being displayed to you inside and outside the social media platform. Please make it clear to yourself whether you want to accept this and only use a social media platform if you have adequately informed yourself about the data processing there and agree to it (this applies in particular if you yourself have not yet used it) – we have attached links to the privacy statements of the social media platforms in each case.


Our site uses links to our presence on the social network YouTube of YouTube LLC , 901 Cherry Avenue, San Bruno, CA 94066, USA, represented by Google. It is just a normal link, so when you visit our site, YouTube does not learn about your visit to our website. However, if you click on the link, you will be redirected to YouTube, thereby YouTube also learns that you had visited our site.

The data collected by Google could be transmitted by Google to countries outside the EU, in particular the USA.

We have no knowledge of and no influence on the possible collection and use of your data by YouTube after you have clicked on the link. For more information, please refer to YouTube’s privacy policy at


Google Universal Analytics

We use the Google Analytics tool as part of our legitimate interest in a technically flawless online offering and its economically efficient design and optimization. This allows the use of websites to be analyzed, and pseudonymous profiles of users can be created from the data. Google uses various techniques to do this, including storing cookies on your computer. These store information about the use of our site, which we use to improve our services.

The data collected by Google may be transmitted by Google to states outside the EU, in particular the United States.

Google Ads

We use Google Ads, an online advertising program of Google, as part of our legitimate interest in a technically flawless online offering and its economically efficient design and optimization.

This allows us to place ads in the Google advertising network, which appear, for example, on other websites, in search results or elsewhere on the Internet. Through Google Ads, our ads are also shown primarily to users who are likely to be interested in you. This makes our advertising approach more targeted and also less invasive for you. Google enables interest-based advertising by means of a cookie that Google stores on your device and which is read by so-called web beacons on partner sites of the Google advertising network. These read the data stored in the cookie. This data includes technical information about your system, the websites you have surfed on, what you were interested in there and which ads you clicked on.

At the same time, we have a so-called “conversion cookie”. With this, Google creates anonymous statistics for us. This does not include any personal data that we could assign to you, but only static numbers about the users who clicked on our ad.

Google also uses the data obtained from this only pseudonymously, so it cannot assign it to you. The data is only evaluated in relation to the individual cookie, unless you have explicitly consented to Google processing your data on a personal basis.

The data collected by Google could be transferred by Google to countries outside the EU, in particular the USA.

As indicated earlier, you can prevent the storage of cookies by setting your browser software accordingly, but this may restrict the function of our website.

Instead, however, you can also deactivate only interest-based ads on Google as well as interest-based Google ads on the web in your browser. To do this, you must activate the “Off” button at or deactivate it at For more information about your settings options in this regard and Google’s data protection, please visit

Google Ads Conversion Tracking

We also use Google Ads Conversion Tracking to measure the success of our advertising measures and to enable a customer-oriented approach. When you take certain actions on our website – such as completing an order, submitting a contact form or subscribing to our newsletter – this conversion (target achievement) is sent to Google. Google can thereby recognize the number of target achievements. In addition, Google can assign which advertisements you have previously clicked on and were the basis for the target achievement by means of cookies previously set by Google itself.

If you do not wish to do this, you can use the advertising preferences manager at to make extensive settings or deactivate the service completely. Otherwise, we refer you to our general presentation on cookies and Google Analytics for further setting and deactivation options.

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